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Many of us have had those spooky, ghostly and mysterious sessions and conversations with friends and families. We would usually never agree to those creepy stories and would simply ignore them. But, what if the paranormal activities we have heard of are real and have existence?

Almost every place on this planet has few haunted stories. Well then, the IT hub of India, Bangalore too has many haunted places with mysterious stories and paranormal activities which will give you goose bumps. From creepy figures, scary sounds to haunted houses, hold your breath to explore the haunted places in Bangalore that will scare the hell out of you.

Here is a list of 5 of the most haunted places in Bangalore some of which you most likely have heard of, and some you may have not. But make sure that you are gutsy enough and read these stories with the lights on!

Vas Villa, St. Marks Road:

Vas Villa (Credits Tonymon 7287 Website)Vas Villa (Credits: Tonymon 7287 Website)

Story Behind: The Vas Villa, one of the scariest haunted places in Bangalore was built by EJ Vaz (an advocate in Bombay High Court) in 1943 which was later gifted to his daughters Dolce Vaz and Vera Vaz. The bungalow is said to be haunted after Dolce Vaz was killed and buried by an unknown assailant in the same house. Vera eventually moved out due to property dispute and since then the house is abandoned. Most of the furnitures, a piano and a car was left behind. After this villa was abandoned, many rumours lined up like sounds of someone playing the piano at odd hours at night, strange ghost like sounds and figures were sighted, etc. .

Kalpalli Cemetery, Sarvagnanagar:

Kalpalli Cemetery (Credits Fear And You Website)Kalpalli Cemetery (Credits: Fear And You Website)

Story Behind: The Kalpalli Cemetery located in Sarvagnanagar comes under the most haunted places in Bangalore. At least ten cremations are seen daily on an average here. The passersby have sighted disturbing glimpse and sounds at the Cemetery. It is said that a man is seen lurking about the graves. Few have felt the presence of evil spirits at this place.

Victoria Hospital, Fort Road:

Victoria Hospital (Credits IBB Website)Victoria Hospital (Credits: IBB Website)

Story Behind: The century old Victoria Hospital is also witnessed to be a resident to ghostly figures. Strange happenings and ghost sightings have been spotted in the hospital premises. It is said that a white ghostly figure is frequently seen on one of the trees in the hospital compound who is believed to be a fun lover. It is rumoured that food packets have gone missing a number of times. So next time you are at the campus, make sure to keep your food safe from the hungry lurking ghost of Victoria hospital.

The Bangalore International Airport:

Bangalore Intl Airport (Credits Wikimedia Website)Bangalore International Airport (Credits: Wikimedia Website)

Story Behind: The Bangalore International Airport is also considered one of the haunted places in Bangalore after it was rumoured that a female ghostly figure was found strolling at the runway area. Many believe to have seen a lady in a white sari with her hair open loose and sometimes with her arms stretched out. At times she has also been spotted headless.

Naale Baa:

Naale Baa (Credits Flickr Website)Naale Baa (Credits: Flickr Website)

Story Behind: ‘Naale Baa’, meaning come tomorrow in Kannada, is a female ghost with messy hair and tattered clothing who some was said to frequently knock on people’s front doors asking for alms and other stuff some fifty years back. Opening the door would lead to death of someone from the people reciding in that house. It was also believed that she might enter the house and refuse to leave. Shouting out ‘Naale baa’ or writing it at the entrance of door was believed to be the only way to escape her visit.

5 haunted places in Bangalore that will scare the daylights out of you

2 thoughts on “5 haunted places in Bangalore that will scare the daylights out of you

  • November 5, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    Kindly update your facts-
    1.The Vas Villa- St.Marks road was razed down and new building has been built over it. That place doesn’t exist anymore.
    2. Any cemetery in the world would be known as spooky only.
    3. The stories of Bial being scary have been around for over a decade now.- nothing new in it.
    4. So do the stories of victoria hospital .
    5. Naale ba was more than a decade ago. It was some miscreant joke!

    • November 16, 2015 at 4:23 pm

      Thanks for the information, we will look into it. Just to let you know, this is mainly an informative post which talks about the haunted stories and we haven’t spoken about their existence.


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