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With around a month remaining for the Board exams, the preparation of most students is in full swing. The limited time should be utilized cleverly, and the syllabus should be pursued in a calculated and planned manner. Here are a few tips for preparing well in the month leading to the Boards:

1. Know the syllabus inside out:

Gaining in-depth knowledge about the syllabus, and studying accordingly, is one important aspect of Boards. The CBSE has a set pattern according to which it makes the question paper, and getting a hang of it early in the preparation is very beneficial.

NCERT is the single most important study material, and is essential because it stresses on conceptual learning and understanding of topics thoroughly.

2. Solve Mock Test papers

NCERT and reference books will help students cover all the topics and study them in-depth. However, studying the syllabus is just one part of preparation.

Solving mock test papers helps in going into examination mode, with proper emphasis on test-type questions and evaluation of the time needed to solve different type of questions.

Since different questions carry different marks, the amount of time to be spent on each kind of question varies. By practicing questions in Mock Tests, preparation of solving the Board paper is done before the actual exam.

3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

With about a month to go, students must already be aware of their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. Classification of the syllabus into easy and difficult can help them focus on their weaknesses, so that all bases are covered before the examinations start.

While solving the paper, start with questions that you are sure about. The flow will help go through the paper confidently, and will help you tackle even the tricky questions.


4. Plan each day

At this stage, it is very important to realize that the days left for the examinations are very limited, and each day should be planned according to your preparations. Time management is a crucial aspect of preparation, and separates the top-achievers from the almost-guys.

By keeping small targets, and dividing the available time into slots, students can avoid overburdening themselves. Allotting portions for each day will help ease the learning process and leave more time for revision. With proper planning, time can also be taken out for relaxation and recreational activities.

Time management is an important aspect of overall preparation
Time management is an important aspect of overall preparation

5. Rest properly

It is foolish to be like an engine that loses its steam before reaching its target. Board examinations, and their preparation, is a long process, and ample rest before the actual tests is something which shouldn’t be ignored at all.
The spare time can be used to relax the body, by doing light exercises, watching TV shows or sleeping. However, it is also advised to keep a little extra spare time in hand, in case the day’s goals are not met.


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