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Feature Image Credits: The Odyssey Online Website
We all have our own ways to celebrate a festival in the best possible manner, but every place has an amazing history connected to a festival and unique ways of celebrating it. So, since Christmas is round the corner, let’s see few of the best places to celebrate Christmas. As we all know, with Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. Modern day celebrations generally comprises of giving gifts, completing an advent calendar or advent wreath, Christmas music and carolling, an exchange of Christmas cards, Church services, a special meal, and the display of various Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees, Christmas lights, etc. Christmas celebrations and customs vary from place to place.
Here’s a quick check of 6 best places to celebrate Christmas. So, this Christmas choose a destination to enjoy and experience the festival differently.

Lapland, Finland:

Christmas in Lapland (Credits Places To See In Your Lifetime Website)Christmas in Lapland (Credits: Places To See In Your Lifetime Website)

Finnish Lapland, home of Santa Claus or Father Christmas, is filled with a number of fantastic and interesting things to see and do. The beautiful glow of Northern lights and ice covered landscapes lit by stars in the dark sky makes Lapland one of the best places to celebrate Christmas for a magical experience. Most families prefer celebrating the festival at home while jazzing it up with food which plays a crucial role. Morning starts with an authentic Christmas Eve breakfast comprising rice pudding and the evening for most households is a combination of pork roast, and a variety of fish as main dishes accompanied with salads.

New York City, USA:

Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree (Credits NY Daily News Website)Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree (Credits: NY Daily News Website)

Whether watching a tree lighting ceremony or a play or doing ice skating in Times Square, New York City is a popular and one of the best places to celebrate Christmas. The city turns into a wonderland every year during the festival with decorated and lighted Christmas trees and lights. In the very center of The Big Apple, a traditional and massive tree in seen in the Rockefeller Center which commemorates the Christmas season and amazing spirit of the citizens and travellers. The Christmas celebrations in the city is also famous for the annual Radio City Christmas show. The show is conducted in the largest theatre in the city.

Santa Claus, Indiana, USA:

Christmas in Santa Claus, Indiana (Credits Wonderful Package Website)Christmas in Santa Claus, Indiana (Credits: Wonderful Package Website)

Santa Claus is a town in Spencer County, is the world’s only post office to bear with this name due to which it receives thousands of letters to Santa from all over the world every year. A group of volunteers known as Santa’s Elves ensure each child receives a reply from Santa Claus for the letters sent. This tradition has been in existence since at least 1914. The town is developed around three lakes: Christmas Lake, Lake Holly, and Lake Noel. The street names in Christmas Lake Village are all named after the Christmas season. A number of events are conducted throughout the season and is also a popular tourist place during the festival.

The Vatican City, Italy:

Christmas in Vatican City (Credits NY Daily News Website)Christmas in Vatican City (Credits: NY Daily News Website)

Christmas in Vatican City is popular and one of the best places to celebrate Christmas. Every year a decorated Christmas tree called the Vatican Christmas Tree or the Saint Peter’s Christmas Tree is erected annually in the Saint Peter’s Square to celebrate the season. The Christmas celebrations in Vatican City includes Novena which comes eight days prior to the festival and closes on Christmas. On this day, the residents of Vatican seek blessings of Pope at the Vatican Square.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Christmas in Amsterdam (Credits Huffingtonpost UK Website)Christmas in Amsterdam (Credits: Huffington Post UK Website)

The colourful lamps on the streets of Amsterdam during Christmas adds on to the festive mood and is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas. On December 25, families gather to exchange gifts and eat scrumptious food.

Munich, Germany:

Christmas in Munich (Credits Zicasso Website)Christmas in Munich (Credits: Zicasso Website)

Home to the oldest Christmas market in Germany, Munich is a real treat during Christmas Season. The famous Christmas market here known as the Christkindlmarkt is celebrated on the city’s Central Square. This market dates back to 1642.

6 Best Places To Celebrate Christmas
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