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Metros like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai have ample attributes in common- population, pollution, definitely ‘the traffic’ and nearby getaways. Few days back we shared a blog with everyone showcasing few hill stations around Bangalore and we all are also aware of the fact that Delhi is blessed with amazing destinations near and around for weekend trips. Well, the ‘Fashion Capital of India’ is no less, there are uncountable weekend escapes near Mumbai. Natural springs, heritage buildings and sights, religious places, hill-stations, there are an abundant number of weekend escapes near Mumbai. So, ‘Mumbaikars’ time to take an off from the mundane and terrific ‘metro life’ and get going on some exciting road trips.

Here, we bring you a list of weekend escapes near Mumbai. Surrender yourself to some mind-boggling and calm natural sightseeing and surroundings around Mumbai within a distance of 300 km. Also, do let us know your feedback.

Khandala & Lonavala:

Khandala & Lonavala (Credits Tourism Guide India)Khandala & Lonavala (Credits: Tourism Guide India)

Distance From Mumbai To Khondala & Lonavala: 82 km

Lonavala and Khandala are the most beautiful hills station weekend escapes near Mumbai. Amidst the deep lush greenery valleys, huge lakes, historic forts and waterfalls, the two destinations are situated at the Sahyadris Mountains in Maharashtra. Khandala is smaller than Lonavala and relatively calmer. Tugauli, Bhushi and Valvan Lake are the important lakes of the hills.


Matheran (Credits Mouth Shut)Matheran (Credits: Mouth Shut Website)

Distance From Mumbai: 90 km

Matheran is the smallest hill station of India and the coolest weekend escapes near Mumbai. The name Matheran means either ‘Forest on Top’ or ‘Woodland overhead’. There are lots of lookout points that provide spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Matheran has a reasonably dense forest cover and there are a number of look-out points including the Panorma Point that provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding area and also the Neral Townwhich gives a breathtaking view of the sunset and sunrise. The other points include- Louisa Point, One Tree Hill Point, Hart Point, Monkey Point, Porcupine Point and Rambagh Point.


Alibaug (Credits Rakesh Ayilliath Website)Alibaug (Credits: Rakesh Ayilliath Website)

Distance from Mumbai: 108 km

Alibaug is one the most popular beach and weekend escapes near Mumbai. It is recommended to travel to Alibaug from Mumbai by ferry as it will shorten the distance and time taken as well as will make the travel adventurous and exciting. Typical ‘konkani style’ sea food, beaches, surfing, the sand and resorts are main highlights of the place.


Kolad (Credits Thrilling Travel Website)Kolad (Credits: Thrilling Travel Website)

Kolad (Credits Inter City Travels Website)River Rafting In Kolad (Credits: Inter City Travels Website)

Distance From Mumbai: 122 km

Known for its waterfalls and white water rafting, Kolad ranks fifth among rafting places in India. Kolad is one of the most adventurous destinations for weekend escapes near Mumbai. Situated on the Sahyadri mountain range in Raigad district of Maharashtra, this place is a real treat to the eyes. The Kundalika River is the main tourist attraction in Kolad. Kundalika is one of the most fastest flowing rivers and its entire 14 km stretch is full of rapids, perfect for white river rafting. Best time to be in Kolad is between June to March.     

Murud-Janjira Fort:

Murud Janjira Fort (Credits Alibaug Tours Website)Murud-Janjira Fort (Credits: Alibaug Tours Website)

Distance from Mumbai- 165 km

Situated on an oval-shaped rock near the port town of Murud, Janjira is one of the strongest marine forts of India. The fort has 19 rounded bastions, many canons of native and European make rusting on the bastions. This fort during its ruling had all necessary facilities like-palaces, quarters for officers, mosque, a big fresh water tank, etc. The palace of the Nawabs of Janjira at Murud is still in good shape and is a spectacular weekend escape near Mumbai.


Bhandardara (Credits Trendy Feeds Website)Bhandardara (Credits: Trendy Feeds Website)

Distance From Mumbai: 165 km

Bhandardara, one of the best weekend escapes near Mumbai for nature lovers. This destination is a combination of sky-high peaks, roaring waterfalls and peaceful lush greens. Few main tourist attractions are- Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake, Mount Kalsubai, Agasti Rishi Ashram, Ratangad Fort and Amriteshwar.  Best time to visit is between November to April.


Daman And Diu (Credits Padhaaro Website)Daman (Credits: Padhaaro Website)

Distance From Mumbai: 177 km

Daman is a small port in the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay) with adequate infrastructure. Daman besides being one of the weekend escapes near Mumbai, is poised to become a favoured destination for travelers from all over the country as well as the business visitors. The historic churches with finely carved statues, majestic forts that rise in their imposing splendour, coconut groves, abundant greenery and round the year temperate climate all provide a lovely holiday spot for those in search of bliss, happiness and fun far away from the bustles of city life. Its exquisite variety of sea food is something fish lover cannot miss.


Lavasa (Credits iTravel iClick Website)Lavasa (Credits: iTravel iClick Website)

Distance From Mumbai: 186 km

Lavasa, the first planned hill city of India is spread over an area of 25,000 acres. Known for its weather, Lavasa is located on the Baji Pasalkar River. It is surrounded by rolling hills, fluffy clouds, seasonal waterfalls and lush green and serene natural picturesque. Lavasa also hosts many sports activities and cultural festivals.

Panchgani & Mahabaleshwar:

Panchgani & Mahabaleshwar (Credits Wikipedia Website)Panchgani & Mahabaleshwar (Credits: Wikipedia Website)

Distance From Mumbai: 270 km

Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar are the conventional residential hill stations with the British architectural touch. The soaring peaks, cool and calm breeze, valleys and the greenery of these two places are an amazing way to treat oneself from our everyday schedule. Table Land, a flat mountain peak majestically overlooks the coastal plains. Best time to visit is between September to May.

9 Weekend Escapes Near Mumbai
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