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Language subjects give students the opportunity to showcase their comprehension and language skills. A good score in these subjects gives them an extra edge further down their career. Also, if prepared in the correct way, they are easy to score marks in, and can help boost the overall grade.

Acing the English exam is possible with sustained practice of comprehensions, as well as in-depth understanding of the literary portions. Last time, the pattern of the paper was as follows, with a duration of three hours:

Section A: Reading: 20 marks
Section B: Writing and Grammar: 25 marks
Section C: Literature: 25 marks

Tips to attempt the paper:


-The student should go through the comprehension thoroughly at least once or twice to get a proper understanding of the text
-Questions are generally framed in a sequential way: the first questions are from the first part of the passage, and so on.
-After going through the text with proper understanding, the students should find excerpts in the passage that refer to the question asked.

If prepared in the correct way, literature subjects are scoring, and help boost the overall grade.

Writing and Grammar:

-In the writing part, the language used should be simple and concise.
-The format for articles and letters should be exact, and the title/subject given to them should be brief but eye-catching.
-For long writing-questions, popular phrases can be used to emphasize a particular point.

-In the grammar part, the student should be thorough with the grammar topics of the syllabus (articles, prepositions, etc), and should practice similar questions from reference books and sample papers.
-The questions follow similar pattern each year, hence jumbled phrases, and the fill-in-the-blanks are expected this time around too.


-Getting good marks in this portion is subject to a deep and proper understanding of the material. Hence, going through the material is a must well before the exams. While reading the prose or poem parts, notes should be made regarding your view-point, which can be used later on during revision.
– The language used to answer the questions should be concise and to the point. Long and confusing answers give a poor impression while paper-checking.
– Students should strictly adhere to the specified word limit and should form their answers accordingly.

Apart from the above mentioned points, a well-presented paper with neat, spaced out answers leaves a good impression, giving an added advantage over other answer sheets. Students are advised to highlight the important parts of their answers.





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