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The competitive spirit of examinations gives students the extra motivation to perform well. However, they also fall prey to stress, largely due to the fear of failure and the added responsibility of performing according to the expectations of their parents and teachers.

It is worrisome that children, even at such young age, are experiencing anxiety and depression. It impacts their overall development, apart from affecting their studies.

Here are a few things that should be kept in mind:

Don’t try to aim for perfection:

Although it is great to aim high and set goals for oneself, putting unnecessary burden can lead to a negative result. It is important to understand that not scoring top marks is not the worst that can happen, and there’s always scope for improvement.

Don’t compromise on the essentials:

Studying for hours at end is taxing for the mind, as well as the body. Ample amount of rest is required for the body to recharge for the next day.

The same way, eating proper food gives you energy to work and prevents you from getting ill. A well-functioning body is one less thing to worry about, and will have a positive effect on your studies.


Examinations are a part of your life, but just a part.
Examinations are a part of your life, but just a part.

Put small breaks between study periods:

The brain can attentively take in information only for a certain period. So it is pointless to study for hours without getting the required result.

Study periods should be interspersed with short breaks, which can recharge the mind and provide an easy transition from one topic to another. Go out for a walk, or do a hobby of yours which you like.


Avoid comparisons:

Everyone has a different way of studying, and there is no set number for revisions or study hours. The syllabus should be covered with the required amount of revision, but over-working your brain will only result in you forgetting whatever has been already learnt. It is fine to talk to friends and discuss topics, but there is no fixed method of success, so find the one that works for you.


Do what makes you happy:

Examinations are a part of your life, but just a part. Your life should not revolve around them. Instead, take time out to do whatever you love. Involve yourself in things that you like to do, be it playing a sport or listening to a particular kind of music. A proper schedule will help take out time for these activities, and won’t make you feel guilty of not studying.

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