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It is a fact that Social Studies isn’t the most popular subject among students. The large amount of syllabus and the long, boring passages make it difficult to study. Also, for those who don’t cram up information, it gets very difficult to retain key facts, which are huge in number.

However, with systematic study pattern and a sound revision system, Social Studies can be made fun and scoring at the same time. Keeping a few basic things in mind can help get good grades in this subject too.  Here are a few:

  • Go through the entire syllabus first, not with the motive of remembering, but just like a reading exercise. This will help you understand the total content, and topics and subtopics will be easier to get a hold of when you actually start memorize.
  • Study in a systematic manner, rather than haphazardly. Maintaining a flow will help retain information better, as you will remember facts according to what was before and after it in sequential order.
  • Use mnemonics to remember information that is present in a chronological/sequential order. Use the following link to refer to mnemonics : http://blog.gyanlab.com/7-learning-techniques-to-enhance-your-memory-for-exams/

  • Flash cards can also be used to remember definitions and important dates. Use different colors to highlight different type of information. This prevents confusion between similar looking dates/names.
  • You can also make charts and tables that contain important information and hang it beside your study table or bedside. Looking through the data everyday will help retain the information sub-consciously.
  • Don’t try to remember Political Studies and Economics. It is better to understand them and use the current world scenario and real life examples to relate to them. Use existing maps to trace accurate points in Geography, and then try to reproduce the same on a blank map.
  • Instead of remembering long answers in paragraph form, use points. Numbering the points also helps in remembering the answer as a whole.
  • You can use the previous year papers for practice. This helps keep the word limit and the time taken to solve the paper under check.

With proper classification of the subject into easy and hard topics, and the use of learning-aids such as mnemonics and flash cards, Social Studies can be made an easier and more enjoyable subject.



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