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Most students feel that being good at math is an inborn talent which cannot be honed. This may stand true for some but it’s definitely not true for all. Math is like a sport to become good at it you need to practice in an organized manner.

Here are a few pointers that might help you become better in Mathematics:


  1. Concentrate in Class: Math is one subject where a new topic or concept is taught every day. Thus math classes move much faster than other subjects. Hence, try and be mentally and physically present for all classes. To keep up come back and learn what you missed. Having a study partner who can fill you in when you miss a class is a nice way of keeping up.

“If you don’t keep up with mathematics, you can’t catch up with mathematics.”


  1. Be regular with your homework: Consider homework as the practice a sportsman does every day. Set up a regular timetable that makes homework feel automatic.

If I don’t practice the way I should, then I won’t play the way that I know I can.”

                                           -Ivan Lendl

                                                               (former tennis player) 


  1. Be your own critic: Analyze and understand your own mistakes and find out why did you do them. This will help you not to repeat them in future and and at the same time help you build a better understanding of the concepts.

“You must be the best judge of your own work.”

-Jane Austen

(English novelist)


  1. Ask for help when needed: If you think you are having a problem understanding the concepts get external help. It can be from a friend, a teacher, a parent or online (for eg: gyanlab.com). Asking for help will give you another perspective to the concept and help you understand better.

“Asking for help doesn’t mean you have failed, it only means that you have the courage to try harder.”


  1. Master Mental Math: Mental math is something which will not only save you time in exams but is a nice tool to have in life. You should be to answer 8 times 7 even in your sleep. 

Personally reciting the multiplication tables backwards helped me.”


  1. Algebra must be mastered: Algebra is one branch of mathematics that finds its way into everything hence mastering it is of utmost importance. Start mastering Algebra from the very beginning to become proficient in it.

“Practice puts brains in your muscles.”

-Sam Snead

    (Professional golfer)

  1. Always stay calm: Many people suffer from math anxiety, where just thinking about math makes them nervous. This makes them put off studying math until it’s too late. If you follow all the pointers given above you will be able to overcome Math anxiety.

 “The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.”

-Paul Halmos


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Rajat Gulati

Business Dev & Ops Associate at GyanLab
Rajat is Business Dev & Ops Associate at GyanLab and manages customer acquision & delight here. He is a Mechatronics Engg graduate from Manipal and loves to play squash and golf.

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