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Class 6 Math

The math we learn in the lower classes forms the basis for the math we learn in the higher classes. Here is a list of seven chapters for CBSE Class 6 Math that are of utmost importance:


  1. Numbers: As you might have noticed this topic consists of three chapters thus making it one of the most important form exam stand point of view. The three chapters Knowing Numbers, Whole Numbers and Playing with Numbers help us to get a better understanding of numbers.


  1. Basic Geometrical Properties: This being the first chapter pertaining to geometry immediately gives it a lot of importance because in higher classes the geometry constitutes 40% of the marks. Hence formation of a solid base in geometry is of prime importance.


  1. Mensuration: Mensuration gains a lot of importance as the formulas we learn in the smaller classes are either modified in higher classes or new ones are introduced on top of them. Another important factor that makes mensuration so important is that majority of the questions in this chapter are application based, which help critical analysis.


  1. Integers: As we go to higher classes and even undergraduate courses involving math, integers forms the core of the math we do hence having Integers in the top list is a no brainer.


  1. Data Handling: This is the start of another very important branch of math called statistics hence it is extremely important to take this chapter seriously. Data Handling even at the very beginning stages deals with real world information and helps us to do more than learn math.


  1. Algebra: One word most commonly associated with math is algebra. It has a unique ability to find its way into any topic, which makes it an important ally to have while solving complex math problems. Mastery over algebra means mastery over majority of math.


  1. Ratio & Proportion: A lot of times children ask a question, “Why are we learning this chapter and will we ever use it?”. This is one chapter which has a compelling answer for both the questions. We use its concepts in everyday life, from discounting to interest it is present everywhere thus making it an important mathematical tool to have by your side.

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Important Chapters for CBSE Class 6 Math
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