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Feature Image Credits: Wikipedia

History marks countless events including wars, discoveries, political events and many others. Let’s find out few of the important events that occurred between December 28th and January 3rd.

Here’s a synopsis of historical events of this week beginning December 28th.

December 28:

Here are few important historical events listed chronologically that occurred on December 28.

1612: Galileo Galilei became the first Astronomer to observe the planet Neptune, but he mistakenly recorded it as a fixed star.

1767: King Taksin crowned King of Thailand and establishes Thonburi as his capital.

1816:  American Colonisation Society was founded.

1828: 6.8 earthquake strikes Echigo Japan, approximately 30,000 killed.

(Credits Wikipedia)(Credits: Wikipedia)

1836: Spain recognises independence of Mexico.

1849: M Jolly-Belin discovered dry-cleaning; he accidentally upset lamp containing turpentine and oil on his clothing and sees cleaning effect.

1867: United States claims Midway Island, the first territory annexed outside continental limits.

1902: Trans-Pacific cable links Hawaii to US.

1908: Earthquake strikes Messina, Italy (around 80,000 killed).

1937: Fascist Octavian Goga becomes Prime Minister of Romania; begins spread of Judaism.

1945: The US Congress officially recognised the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ to the Flag.

1973: US President Nixon signs Endangered Species Act into Law.

1985: Warring Lebanese Muslim and Christian leaders sign peace agreement.

2007: Nepal declared a Federal Democratic Republic by interim Parliament, abolishing the Monarchy.

2012: Vladimir Putin signs anti-US adoption Bill.

December 29:

Here are few important historical events listed chronologically that occurred on December 29.

1778: British capture Savannah, Georgia.

1845: Then President of US, James Polk signed legislation making Texas the 28th state of the United States.

1835: The Treaty of New Echota was signed, ceding all the lands of the Cherokee East of the Mississippi River to the United States.

Sun-Yat-Sen (Credits Wikipedia)
Sun-Yat-Sen (Credits: Wikipedia)

1890: US Cavalry kills 146 Sioux at Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.

1911: Sun-Yat-Sen becomes the first President of the Republic of China.

1911: Mongolia gained independence from the Qing Dynasty.

1940: World War II- Germany began dropping incendiary bombs on London.

1970: Occupational Safety and Health Act of US was signed into law by then President, Richard Nixon.

1984: Then Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi claimed victory in Parliamentary elections.

2012: Around 200 people were executed by the Syrian Army in Homs.

December 30:

Here are few important historical events listed chronologically that occurred on December 30.

1816: The Treaty of Saint Louis was proclaimed.

1893: Russia signs military accord with France.

1922: The USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) was established through the confederation of Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and the Transcaucasian Federation.

1947: King Michael of Romania was forced to abdicate after the Communists seized power.

1993: Israel and the Vatican signed an agreement in mutual recognition, seeking to end 2,000 years of unfriendly Christian-Jewish relationship.

December 31:

Here are few important historical events listed chronologically that occurred on December 31.

British East India Company (Credits Wikipedia)
British East India Company (Credits: Wikipedia)

1600: British East India Company was chartered.

1781: Bank of North America, the first bank in the US received its charter from the Confederation Congress.

1879: Thomas Edison provided the first public demonstration of his Electric Incandescent Lamp at his laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey.

1944: Hungary declared war on Germany.

1978: The US ends official relations with Nationalist China.

1999: The US transferred the control of Panama Canal to Panama.

2009: A blue Moon and lunar eclipse occurred on the same day.

January 1:

Here are few important historical events listed chronologically that occurred on January 1.

1502: Portugese explorers landed at Guanabara Bay on the coast of South America and named it Rio de Janeiro.

1801: Ireland was added to Great Britain by an Act of Union thus creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

1861: President-elect of the US, Abraham Lincoln declares slavery in Confederate States unlawful.

1901: The Commonwealth of Australia was founded as six former British colonies became six states with Edmund Barton as the first Prime Minister.

1942: Then President of US, Franklin D Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill issue a declaration signed by representatives of 26 countries, known as the United Nations.

1979: China and US established diplomatic relations.

1999: Eleven European nations- Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain began using a single European currency, the Euro.

January 2:

Here are few important historical events listed chronologically that occurred on January 2.

Battle of Port Arthur (Credits Wikipedia)
Battle of Port Arthur (Credits: Wikipedia)

1776: The Continental Congress publishes the Troy Act.

1788: Georgia became the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution.

1905: The Russians surrendered to the Japanese after the Battle of Port Arthur during the Russian-Japanese War.

1980: US and Russia detente ended. 

January 3:

Here are few important historical events listed chronologically that occurred on January 3.

1959: Alaska was admitted as the 49th US state.

1961: The US served diplomatic relations with Cuba.

1993: Then US President, George Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed the Start-II (Strategic Arms Reduction Talks) Treaty, eliminating about two-thirds of each country’s long range nuclear weapons.

Important Historical Events of the Week (Dec 28 – Jan 3)
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