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Due to the hype surrounding them, the Board exams continue to be a reason of stress and pressure for students all over the country. Although their importance cannot be undermined, the high expectations lead to students getting panicked during the exam, leading to various issues related to health, as well as poor academic performances. Here are a few tips to do well in the upcoming board exams:

  • Two months ahead of the boards cut down on junk food even though you may love it, only stick to home cooked food. This way you know what you are eating and the chances of you falling sick are less.

Remember: “You are what you eat”.

  • Solve which ever previous year paper you can lay your hand on. While practicing try to replicate the board exam surroundings to build a muscle memory.

Remember: “Practice leads to Perfection”. 

Board exams are a major source of stress for teenagers.
Board exams are a major source of stress for teenagers.
  •  The mind can only concentrate for a short duration so increase your efficiency and concentration by taking short and periodic breaks.
  •  Do not mug up chapters or concepts in the last minute. What’s done is done, now is the time to revise and make good on what you already know. If you do have a problem in any concept ask any of your helpful friends or teachers for help. You can create a study group with like-minded friends, studying with them will break the stress and make the study sessions interesting.
  • NEVER and I repeat NEVER compare yourself to others. Life is your journey and compete only with yourself, the one you want to be.
  • Use the last few days to Revise not just once but multiple times. Make the concepts a muscle memory.


Rajat Gulati

Business Dev & Ops Associate at GyanLab
Rajat is Business Dev & Ops Associate at GyanLab and manages customer acquision & delight here. He is a Mechatronics Engg graduate from Manipal and loves to play squash and golf.

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Last minute tips to ace your Boards

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