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100 Feet Road, , Pincode: 560008, Indiranagar






New Horizon Public School – Indiranagar is one of the premier public schools in Bangalore, Strategically situated on 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. New Horizon Public School is Established in 1982, has an imposing history of 32 years in the field of education, with a vision and mission to impart holistic education to its students.

Committed to the cause of excellence in education, New Horizon Educational institution has eight units under its wings, providing quality education from the Pre-Primary to the post-graduate level. New Horizon Educational Institution, which constantly strives in Pursuit of Excellence, imparts the kind of education that makes the country proud. The name “New Horizon” is synonymous with creditable performance, committed training, honing of skills, manifestations of talents, nurturing of character and development of a holistic personality.

Under the umbrella of New Horizon Educational Institution, guided by a noble mission and a clear vision, and motivated by invaluable core values that ultimately create a complete human being, NHPS follows the New Horizon key philosophy that encompasses two important things to succeed in Life: the Mission Possible theory and the conviction that every problem has a solution.

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New Horizon Public School – Indiranagar

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