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2015 will be remembered as the year which produced some of the best movies to have graced the silver screen. This season boasts of the hottest reboots, the most awaited sequels and even a horde of new stand alone films all to be released in a matter of weeks. So buy your popcorn and soft drink as we take you through a trailer of what’s to come on the big screen in the next few months. Rest assured we shall not reveal any spoilers.

credits:- www.ganoolmovie.com

1) Avengers: Age of Ultron 
Release date:- 24th April 2015

After the first Avengers movie stole a hundred million hearts comes the sequel to the most awaited superhero movie ever produced by Marvel. Featuring all of your favorite superheros, this April is going to be one action packed month and a perfect start to the summer of cinema. We have the ever charismatic Robert Downey Jr portraying your favorite superhero, Iron Man! The Hulk also retains his spot in the coveted Avengers team and aren’t we all waiting to see the wreckage and havoc he creates? There’s Captain America leading as usual, and Thor with his hammer almighty. For you all guys out there, Scarlett Johansson once again appears on screen as the most desirable superhero of all time, Natasha Romanoff, aka, The Black Widow! Along with all the other Avengers, our favorite super heroes battle the intelligence with a god complex, the unstoppable Ultron. This is one movie you won’t want to miss on the big screen!


credits:- www.wikimedia.org

2) Hot Pursuit
Release date:- 8th May 2015

What do you get when you star the most famous actress on television with the hottest actress in Hollywood? An action comedy featuring the heartthrob Sofia Vergara and pretty in pink Reese Witherspoon. A bumbling police officer, it falls on Witherspoon to protect Sofia, the widow of a dangerous drug dealer from criminals and dirty cops alike. That’s right folks, we have miss Pritchett from Modern Family herself starring in this exciting new police movie coming out in may. The cop movies genre is mostly male dominated and it would be quite refreshing seeing a story with a female police officer in the lead.


credits:- www.officialmoviestrailers.com

3) Entourage
Release date:- 5th June 2015

Ari’s back! Vince, Johnny, Eric and Turtle once again are here to do what’s best, make movies! This time Vince’s directing a major blockbuster with a 100 million dollar budget financed by Ari Gold himself. Picking off where the show ended, this movie is a perfect  tribute to all the Entourage fans out there and a solid reason for you to watch the whole series again. To those who haven’t seen the show, well you’ve got a month to watch all the eight seasons because this movie is one you just cannot miss! It’s been years since I’ve seen Ari and Lloyd together, creating havoc and making enemies wherever they go!


credits:- www.dmcdn.net

4) Jurassic World
Release date:- 12th June 2015

The dinosaurs are back! Twenty two years after the events of Jurassic Park, an island off the coast of Costa Rica features a new dinosaur themed park with real dinosaurs to dazzle the visitors. Imagine watching dinosaurs right before your eyes in 3D. Yes folks, expected the impossible this June when Universal Pictures brings to you the next edition of the highly successful Jurassic Park series. Watch how a hybrid mutant dinosaur bred to boost audience escapes and begins to wreck the park, attacking visitors, scientists and even other dinosaurs. I can recall the fascination I felt the first time I saw Jurassic Park on television and cannot wait to watch this addition to the Jurassic family.


credits:- www.wikimedia.org

5) Inside Out
Release date:- 19th June 2015

The new movie by Pixar studios is just around the bend. After major blockbusters such as the Toy Story series, Up, Finding Nemo, and Cars, comes Inside Out, a story about a young girl and the various emotions which guide her through her daily activities. This heartwarming story details the story of Riley, who is a new girl in the huge metropolis of San Francisco. Coming from humble beginnings, Riley has a tough time adjusting to the hustle bustle of the city and relies on her emotions to see her through these turbulent times. The emotions themselves have different ideas on how to adapt to a new city and in turn make life hard for the young girl; but in the end will her emotions help Riley adjust in the new city and discover happiness once more?


credits:- www.idigitaltimes.com

6) Terminator Genisys
Release date:- 1st July 2015

The terminator is here! John Connor is once again fighting the evil Skynet corporation and this time has to face war on two fronts, the past and the future. John sends his lieutenant Kyle back into time to protect his mother and ensure his birth, however once Kyle reaches the past, he realizes all has changed. The war against Skynet is almost won, but the war in the past has just begun. We have Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the role of the Terminator as usual, and the ex governor of California is sure to provide all the action one expects from the Terminator series. A perfect way to end the summer of cinema.


So book your tickets, this season is going to be one wild ride. From mutant dinosaurs to the incredible Hulk, this summer pack more action than ever before. A must watch lined up after the other, there is no dearth of excitement for the next few weeks. Whatever be your taste in movies, this summer shall not disappoint you, with much awaited movies of every genre releasing each passing week.

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