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In 2014, we did our 1st ever Parent Survey to find the most preferred schools for parents in Bangalore. Over the last 2 years, our 30 Top Schools in Bangalore post has helped thousands of parents find and focus on the right school for admissions of their kids. Since, it had been two year from our previous survey, we decided to go all out again in putting an updated, more researched & larger list of some top school in Bangalore so that it can serve a larger base of parents all across Bangalore.

(The survey only included CBSE, ICSE & International Schools)

Top Schools in Bangalore 2016

Here are the 50 Top Schools in Bangalore (2016) – scaled out of 2.5 index score in each category:

 Name of School   Academic   Co-Curricular   Extra-Curricular    Eco-system 
 The Valley School                             2.24                              2.24                             2.14                              2.19
 Indus International School                             2.20                              2.18                             2.20                              2.20
 Mallya Aditi International School                             2.22                              2.26                             2.10                              2.16
 Vidya Niketan School                             2.16                              2.21                             2.08                              2.01
 Inventure Academy                             2.08                              2.20                             2.10                              2.06
 Vidyashilp Academy                             2.05                              2.23                             2.01                              1.99
 The International School (TISB)                             2.26                              2.03                             2.06                              1.93
 Centre for Learning                             1.80                              2.20                             2.04                              2.02
 Jain International Residential School                             2.08                              1.97                             1.99                              1.99
 Greenwood High School                             1.99                              2.09                             2.00                              1.95
 Bishop Cotton Boys School                             2.05                              2.17                             2.03                              1.69
 NPS Indiranagar                             2.31                              1.80                             1.97                              1.83
 St. Joseph’s Boys High School                             2.07                              2.14                             1.97                              1.69
 Sarala Birla Academy                             1.95                              2.01                             1.97                              1.88
 Stonehill International School                             2.03                              2.01                             1.86                              1.89
 NPS Koramangala                             2.21                              2.01                             1.78                              1.75
 Ryan International School – Kundalahalli                             2.01                              2.13                             1.85                              1.67
 DPS North                             2.14                              1.93                             1.78                              1.78
 NPS Rajajinagar                             2.22                              1.78                             1.91                              1.71
 Ebenezer International School                             1.88                              1.96                             1.93                              1.85
 Air Force School Hebbal                             1.93                              2.10                             1.88                              1.70
 BGS International Residential School                             1.85                              2.10                             1.92                              1.70
 Primus Public School                             2.03                              1.75                             1.98                              1.81
 Canadian International School                             1.91                              1.95                             1.81                              1.88
 Trio World Academy                             2.01                              1.97                             1.71                              1.84
 Bishop Cotton Girls School                             1.89                              2.04                             1.85                              1.72
 DPS East                             2.12                              1.78                             1.86                              1.73
  Sophia High School                             2.13                              1.85                             1.80                              1.69
 Bangalore International School                             1.84                              1.90                             1.85                              1.87
 Rashtriya Military School                             1.85                              1.95                             1.87                              1.79
 National Academy for Learning (NAFL)                             2.07                              1.90                             1.76                              1.73
 Gear Foundation                             2.10                              1.78                             1.77                              1.80
 DPS South                             2.11                              1.79                             1.84                              1.68
 Oasis International School                             1.87                              1.80                             1.93                              1.78
 Candor International School                             1.90                              1.75                             1.80                              1.86
 The Frank Anthony Public School                             1.83                              1.95                             1.88                              1.60
 St. Paul’s English School                             1.98                              1.85                             1.82                              1.56
 Shishugriha                             1.96                              1.70                             1.82                              1.72
 Bethany High School                             1.96                              1.78                             1.71                              1.70
 New Horizon Gurukul                             1.80                              1.85                             1.88                              1.59
 PSBB Learning Leadership Academy                             1.84                              1.75                             1.73                              1.77
 Presidency School – RT Nagar                             1.94                              1.75                             1.78                              1.57
 New Horizon Public School                             2.05                              1.72                             1.75                              1.51
 Sacred Heart Girls High School                             1.74                              1.77                             1.91                              1.60
 Shishya BEML Public School                             1.81                              1.77                             1.68                              1.67
 Baldwin Boys High School                             1.95                              1.67                             1.76                              1.52
 Clarence High School                             1.90                              1.72                             1.68                              1.55
 Baldwin Girls’ School                             1.79                              1.80                             1.69                              1.56
 St. Germain School                             1.82                              1.72                             1.75                              1.55


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 Top Schools in Academics (Alphabetical Order)   Top Schools in Co-curriculars (Alphabetical Order) 
 DPS East  Air Force School Hebbal
 DPS North  BGS International Residential School
 DPS South  Bishop Cotton Boys School
 Gear Foundation  Bishop Cotton Girls School
 Indus International School  Centre for Learning
 Inventure Academy  Greenwood High School
 Mallya Aditi International School  Indus International School
 NPS Indiranagar  Inventure Academy
 NPS Koramangala  Mallya Aditi International School
 NPS Rajajinagar  Ryan International School – Kundalahalli
  Sophia High School  St. Joseph’s Boys High School
 The International School (TISB)  The Valley School
 The Valley School  Vidya Niketan School
 Vidya Niketan School  Vidyashilp Academy


 Top Schools in Extra-curriculars (Alphabetical Order)   Top Schools in Eco-system (Alphabetical Order) 
 Bishop Cotton Boys School  Bangalore International School
 Centre for Learning  Canadian International School
 Greenwood High School  Centre for Learning
 Indus International School  Greenwood High School
 Inventure Academy  Indus International School
 Jain International Residential School  Inventure Academy
 Mallya Aditi International School  Jain International Residential School
 NPS Indiranagar  Mallya Aditi International School
 Primus Public School  Sarala Birla Academy
 St. Joseph’s Boys High School  Stonehill International School
 The International School (TISB)  The International School (TISB)
 The Valley School  The Valley School
 Vidya Niketan School  Vidya Niketan School
 Vidyashilp Academy  Vidyashilp Academy


To help you understand what these parameters indicate, here are some basic guidelines on which we built our framework for the Survey.

1) Academics – We not only included to see if students were performing well, but whether they were able to increase their performance over time with their teachers’ help and guidance, and special initiatives that were specially designed to help these kids.

2) Co-curriculars – We focused on the number of such activities undertaken at a school but also the quality of these programs and if these were actually impacting kids positively. 1) Academics – We not only included to see if students were performing well, but whether they were able to increase their performance over time with their teachers’ help and guidance, and special initiatives that were specially designed to help these kids.

3) Extra Curriculars – Similarly, in our survey, we asked about the quality of the extra-curriculars and if people (parents and students) felt these programs had the quality and capability to produce experts and world class champions in various fields.

4) Eco-system – As a parameter, this was the closest to our heart and is about the atmosphere inside the school premises, the classrooms, teacher behaviour, the rigour of classwork/homework, and other such points conducive for learning to happen in an intuitive manner in the most stress-free environment.

P.S. – Your feedback on our work is utmost welcome. We have not done this listing in collaboration with any other organization, nor for any monetary benefit. Our whole purpose is to present information to you in the best possible manner and ensure it is of actual benefit for you and your kids.

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50 Top Schools in Bangalore (2016)

7 thoughts on “50 Top Schools in Bangalore (2016)

  • February 26, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    Please can i know the diffrence between sophia high school and bishop cottons girls schooll . All over whoch is the best ???

    • March 4, 2016 at 1:49 pm

      I don’t know about bishop’s(i have heard positive things about this school too)…but I being a sophiate myself would always tell studying is Sophia High School for 13 years has really helped me mould both my academics and and in my personality development. So please don’t have any second thought if you want your child to study at Sophia’s…your daughter would blossom into a confident young lady in all ways – Drushya Dinesh

  • February 26, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Which r the schools near electronic city with facility of remedial teachers and counsellors for children with learning difficulties.

  • February 26, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    i would lyk to know bout bishop cotton boys school . Is that really one of the top school???

  • February 29, 2016 at 10:43 am

    Hi all, Thanks for the list, but before ranking these schools one has to consider the fee structure and also the distance of these schools from key areas. these are very important parameters in deciding whether a school is good or not. From the general talk in town most of these schools are way beyond the reach of an even above average earner setup.

  • March 13, 2016 at 12:28 am

    You folks have missed out one of the best schools in Bangalore – The Creative School in Bilishavale Bangalore. Please check it out.


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